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Practice Merger - Frequently Asked Questions

Practice Merger

Howard Medical Practice & Manor House Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why is the merger happening?

Upon the retirement of Dr Vuyyuru (Shiva), a shortage of GPs meant that there was no successor to take over the partnership at Howard Street.  To ensure that the practice could continue to run and provide its current service to patients, Manor House Surgery agreed to take over and manage us. 

This has been running successfully since October 2023 but to enable this to continue most effectively, and to provide Howard Street patients with the full and extensive service that is provided to the patients at Manor House Surgery, it is more beneficial to merge the two practices together.

The Howard Street site will still continue to provide services from there but as patients will be joined with Manor House, they will also have the advantage of attending the Glossop and Hadfield sites too.


  1. How will the merger benefit patients?

Patients will benefit from a much larger clinical team who provide a wider range of specialised services eg, minor surgery, dermatology, sexual health clinics.  There will be more availability of appointments in all areas and a choice of alternative sites to suit your convenience.  Having a larger clinic team means that patients have access to a wider knowledge and skill set who are able to provide a wealth of information across the team.


  1. Will there be any changes to the services provided?

No.  The staff at Howard Street will remain the same but the merger will enable us to move staff more freely across all sites, which helps to provide cover in busy times and during staff absences which often prevents clinics being cancelled or appointments being changed.

The only changes will be the way you contact us to book your appointments.


  1. Will patients need to change their GP?

No.  This will remain the same and will be transferred over with your medical record.


  1. Will I call the same telephone number?

No.  The contact number will change to Manor House main line: 01457 860860. However, the current telephone number (01457 854321) will remain on a divert for a period of time to allow for any patients who have not been reachable and therefore not aware of the changes.  This will also remain in place for any NHS services or outside agencies who may have missed our communication.

Please also note that the current email address will also change to:


  1. Will there be any changes to appointment booking procedures?

Slightly, yes.  All Nurse and HCA appointments will continue to be booked in the same way, but our contact number will change to the Manor House Surgery main contact line.

Requests for a GP appointment will need to be submitted via online Triage form (Accurx Total Triage).  This will then be read and actioned by a GP.


  1. How will the merger affect waiting times?

This should improve waiting times as there will be more access to a wider clinical team.

Also, the new Patient Triage system now in place at Manor House Surgery has proved very successful and has considerably reduced waiting times.


  1. Will there be any changes to the location or opening hours of the surgery?

No.  The surgery will still be used as a branch site and the staff currently working there will remain the same.


  1. How will patient records be managed during and after the merger?

These will be managed in exactly the same way.


  1. Will there be any changes to the staff at the surgery?

No, they will all remain the same.


  1. How will prescriptions be handled during the transition?

There will be no changes to how prescriptions are managed but after the merger date, you will need to email your requests to the Manor House prescription email:       

If you order your medication via the NHSApp or Patient Access, you will be prompted to re-register your account.


  1. Will patients still have access to the same range of specialists or services?

Yes, and will also have access to more.


  1. How will patient feedback and complaints be managed during and after the merger?

Feedback & complaints will be managed in exactly the same way as they are now and following the merger, the only difference will be the ability to also submit complaints to a dedicated Complaints email:

All complaints will be handled by the same Practice Management team as they are currently.


  1. Will there be any changes to the process of registering as a new patient?

No.  This will be exactly the same process, but patients will register as a Manor House patient and not a Howard Street patient.


  1. How will vulnerable or high-needs patients be supported during the merger?

We have provided an easy read information leaflet that is clear and easy to understand.  We will also liaise with carers where their details are available.


  1. Will there be any changes to the availability of home visits?

Home visits are currently undertaken by our PCN Paramedics and so nothing will change.  Home visits will still be available where required/deemed necessary.


  1. How will the merger affect the continuity of care for patients with ongoing health issues?

This will essentially depend upon how soon you need to be seen. You can still request to see the same GP that you usually see for your health issue.  This will always depend upon availability as it does now, but as you will also have access to many other GPs, it will be down to you to make the choice.  You may choose to wait until your preferred GP is available or you can choose the next available appointment. 


  1. What measures are in place to ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruptions for patients?

We are working closely with our local ICB (NHS Integrated Care Board), our IT providers and our clinical system providers to ensure that we are fully prepared for the merger and that the transition runs as smoothly as possible for our patients.

We are also dedicated to providing clear communication to our patients along the way and will keep you all fully informed.


  1. How can patients provide feedback or raise concerns during the merger process?
  • During the merger we have a dedicated email address for all merger queries: This will remain available for 6 months post merger.
  • You can also contact our PPG by email at:
  • You can call into the surgery and take part in the engagement sessions that will be held (details of these dates are displayed in the practice and on our website)
  • You can leave your comments in the PPG comments box in the waiting room.


  1. What provision is there for Howard Street patients following the merger?

Following the merger, all patients will be transferred to the Manor House Surgery practice list and so there will be no separate provision for Howard Street patients as you will all be one and the same.